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Maybe you’ll forgive the lack of updates if I stick a cute video in here of Henry eating a lime wedge.


Here’s the apple eating in action. He’s a little messy from his pasta dinner moments before.

Henry’s getting very good at tooling around with his little walker. He’s kind of messing around in this video, but once he gets going, he’s quite the fancy walking baby.

Henry can perform the following arguably useful things, which he does with aplomb:

* giving a refreshed “Ahhhhh!” after taking a swig of water (he’ll also sometimes make the noise to indicate he’d like a swig of water)

* pretend swishing and spitting of Listerine

* blowing kisses/kissing hand in a “bon appetit!” motion

* patting his belly/nose/ear when asked (his nanny helped with that one)

He’s taught himself a few of his own tricks, like giving the big pilates ball zerberts, bestowing kisses on his stuffed animals, and squeezing a rubber squirting toy under water so it blows bubbles. We read a little board book about babies and one of the lines is “Sometimes babies cry.” Whenever we get to this part of the book, Henry smiles hugely and starts waving. We have no idea why. Is it because “cry” sounds like “hi” and “bye”? Is he waving goodbye to the crying baby? Unclear.

He’s also a very big fan of balls right now and will point one out wherever he sees one. Sometimes it’s actually a ball, though often it is an orange or a picture of a button or really anything spherical. In an attempt to amuse him, I found this old Sony Bravia bouncy ball commercial and boy does he love it.

He bobs his head when the music starts and goes, “Baaah!” while pointing at the screen. The video does get old after the 20th time or so, but still highly preferable to reading a 4-page book about shapes again.

Henry’s such a lucky boy, he got to celebrate his birthday twice. When the singing started and he got more cake, you could tell he was thinking, “I could get used to this.” Grandma Anita baked him a special Elmo cake:

Elmo cake

Which he ate with gusto (and without a shirt).

Elmo cake eat

So much gusto, in fact, we had to pop him into a post-cake bath. There was some fingerpainting and body art going on with the frosting.

cake bath

He got a ton more presents, including his very first tricycle from his uncle Jon. Henry loves his bike, though he “rides” it by crawling up, patting it, and having someone push him around. I’m sure things will change once his feet can reach the pedals.


We had a bit of a scare driving home from the party when a car ran a red light and hit the passenger’s side of our car. Fortunately, everyone was okay (save J’s possibly cracked rib), but the car might not make it.


Henry weathered everything fantastically and seemed to think the sirens and lights and the little red dog the firemen gave him were just extensions of his birthday celebrations. Plus, we got to open more presents the next morning, including a sweet tent with tunnel from Grandma Glenda.


I know it’s cliched, but it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since we met this great guy.

henry born

Tomorrow Henry turns 1! We’ll have an official family celebration to mark the occasion, but invited everyone over on Saturday to eat cake and have some fun with the little guy.

Henry and I started our day early and went to the grocery store to pick up some party supplies, including a bouquet of helium balloons. Henry was enthralled and played with them while we finished up the shopping. They were attached to a clip, which was secured to a shopping bag. Apparently, they were not secured enough. I was loading the bags into the car and when I turned back, Henry had released the balloons to the heavens.
balloons bye

I was upset, but Henry seemed unconcerned.

Henry in cart

Luckily, Grandma came to the rescue and brought more balloons. Good thing, because they were a major highlight for Henry, even inspiring him to learn the word “balloon” instantly. It sounds more like “baaooo,” but distinct from “ball” or “bear” (“Bah!” “Beh!”).

balloons party

We thought he might feel bewildered by all the decorations and attention, but on the contrary, Henry was thrilled. He couldn’t believe all the wonderful things that were for him! I made a chocolate buttercream cake for the party:

bday cake

and we bought some vegan cupcakes from our favorite veg-friendly bakery for Henry since he had a reaction to egg whites earlier and we wanted him to be able to stuff his face worry-free.

bday cupcakes

He also couldn’t believe his luck when he got a whole cupcake to devour by himself. Why can’t dinner be this delicious EVERY DAY?

cake face

Presents followed and he was excited by everything, including the wondrous bags and fancy bows.

Opening presents

Happy birthday, little buddy!