Has it really been over a month since I posted? I bet you won’t be surprised to hear Henry certainly isn’t waiting on these posts to continue to get bigger and smarter every day. He can now more or less tell us what he wants to eat (or more often, what he doesn’t want to eat). It’s helpful to hold out two items, say oatmeal and waffles, and let him pick. He recently discovered the taste sensation of mixing two food items together and gets a kick out of adding raisins to his oatmeal or dropping cereal into his yogurt. He impressed us with a new one at dinner the other night when he jammed a black bean onto a piece of bread (note: he had more than that for dinner.)

Remember Mickey and the Beanstock?

His love for balloons continues, and we’ve had to hold onto a red heart one he got for Valentine’s day from his grandparents, even though it is now just a deflated, crinkly sack on the floor. We read him The Bellybutton Book at night, and when we get to the part about balloons, he hops up, retrieves the balloon, and resettles himself while cradling it to his chest. Cute: he says “boon!” exactly like the little hippo in the book, and that will about melt your heart.

Henry makes up for the general messes he makes by being extra helpful with the cleaning up. Specifically, he likes to Swiffer.

J’s birthday was last weekend and Henry celebrated by getting J a new balloon and sharing a little vegan chocolate cake with dad.

Afterward, J tried to get Henry to admit he was a member of Henry Henry and the Messy Mess (presumably a hit punk band), but he wasn’t having any of it.
Working on a solo project, I guess.

We’re all happy the arrival of spring is imminent, but especially Henry. On the nice days, he can’t wait to go outside and can spend long stretches of time digging through dirt, picking up leaves, trying to get the dog next door to come to the fence, or just walking around. It’s been a long winter and he’s ready to be outside again.