Henry got to visit the Stock Show while it was in town. Ever since the first time we went–back when I was pregnant–we’ve been anticipating the time when Henry would be old enough to go and enjoy all the animals. Grandma and Grandpa came with us, which turned out to be a big blessing because it was a madhouse there. Much to our happiness, Henry really enjoyed getting to see the animals up-close. The goat was very friendly, though probably hoping for treats we didn’t have.

Sheep have always been a bit of an inside joke. Since one of the first things Henry could say was “ba ba” for bottle, we were able to teach him pretty quickly what a sheep says. He really did seem to understand that they were two separate ideas and would always smile really big when we’d point to a sheep and ask him what it says. Other big hits of the day were the animals’ water bowls (gross) and a fantastic battery-operated spinning ball/light toy that Grandma bought for Henry. We were all completely wiped at the end of the outing.

Henry has recently learned how to say “Yes” and “No,” which has been really fun. Now when we present him with book or snack choices, he can state his preferences pretty clearly. He’s very quick to pick up or at least try out new words. His bath puff is a “buff” the mop a “bop;” he now goes “oof oof!” to imitate a dog barking, swings his arm around for an elephant, flaps his bent elbows for a chicken.

We bought a membership to the Museum of Nature and Science with Ohio grandparent Christmas money, and it’s been the best investment of the year so far. Henry LOVES the place. The bear dioramas are the biggest hit, though the Discovery Zone and the dinosaurs are also enthralling. We thought some of the exhibits might be too scary–like one depicting a dinosaur scene involving a sharp-toothed guy “roaring” while another devours an unfortunate piece of prey in the background. Nope. Loves it. We had to literally drag him away. This from a kid who was so terrified of a little inflatable chicken that came with a ball set that we had to sequester the fowl in the office.

Every day he becomes a little more of the person he is going to be and it’s so fun to be there for the process.