Here’s Henry sledding on Christmas with Grandpa (or Pop Pop, as he’s known around these parts)

Sorry to be such a slacker on the posting. I think we’ll just have to skip over Christmas, which was a smashing success, and continue on. Here are some things that Henry has been amusing us with lately:

The secret to making an ignored dinner edible? Bacos. Surprise, they are vegan! And Henry can’t get enough. Is this better or worse than a ketchup addiction?

He has started saying “Bye bye” not only when it’s time to go somewhere, but also to express displeasure or his desire to end an activity. So if you hand him a toy he doesn’t want to play with, he’ll shake his head and firmly say, “Bye bye. Bye bye.”

Sometimes a song will catch his interest and he will just rock it out. But you never know what it will be. One day it was Kelis’ “Milkshake,” then we had to stand in this obnoxious shoe store in the mall for three minutes while he devoured a music video by some band called War Tapes.

He might cry up a storm when falls on his butt unexpectedly, but if we toss him in the pack ‘n’ play, it’s like he’s in an ultimate fighting ring. Anything goes. We toss blankets or pillow on him and he throws his whole body backwards while shrieking in glee. It’s like his own version of an extreme workout session.

His new favorite thing is sitting in our big red chair or on the couch when we watch a little Elmo in the evening. He pats the cushions and says “Down!” We say, “Up, you want UP.” And he says, “Pup!” and then we help him up. He pats the cushion next to him for one of us to join him and he’s a barely containable fervor of excitement until the video begins.

This guy, man, we love him.