Henry is now a terror on two feet! No, that’s not quite true. He’s a very cute roaming dude, who occasionally walks around patting his stomach and looking content. The most entertaining part of him walking is that he retrieves random objects from around the house and presents them to you with great aplomb. “You may not know why I am giving you this plastic cheese container, Dad, but rest assured when the time comes you will be glad to have it.” So far no disasters have been averted by a solitary winter boot, but we’ll see.

We seem to have–however temporarily–solved his early waking habit. People suggested when he wakes up at five to give him some books and a sippy with water and let him entertain himself for an hour. As you might imagine, we laughed and laughed at this advice. But, as desperate parents are wont to do, we gave it a go. 5:00 am wake up gets a pile of board books and some water. And wouldn’t you know, it buys us another full hour. I have no idea what he’s doing in there, because I’m afraid to peek and get him all riled up that it’s time to wake up. Sometimes it’s very quiet and I’m guessing he’s fallen back to sleep. Other times I can hear him rattling around. Some mornings now, he even sleeps until 6:00 or–gasp!–6:30 without the books. In toddler time, that’s a minor miracle of sleeping in.

He’s probably tired from all his late-night carousing. One night after we went to bed, we heard a noise in the driveway and went out to investigate:

Only 14-months-old and already trying to sneak out! Good thing he can’t reach the gas pedal.

But really, he prefers his bike as a primary source of recreational transportation.

Much tastier.