Well, first the big news. Ladies and gents, we have a walker:

Henry just got better and better over the weekend and now he’s walking practically everywhere. He’s still doing it with the zombie arms stretched in front of him, but he’s certainly mobile.

Halloween was a big success. We went to a nearby stretch of stores in the morning where the merchants were handing out candy to hordes of kids. Henry went as Elmo:

elmo halloween

This turned out to be a brilliant costume because he was like a major celebrity for the 1-3 year-old set. As he came down the street, all the kids would point and shout, “Elmo! Elmo!” Henry handled his fame well, mostly since he had no idea what was going on. He loved being out in the lovely weather and hanging with mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa.

halloween walk

He got a big kick out of getting to pick his own candy, though he thought it equally fun to put it in his own bucket as someone else’s.

halloween candy

Henry was very excited when someone handed him his very favorite treat: raisins! I’d like to post this last picture and say how trick or treating wore him out

halloween sleep

except this was just prior to trick or treating. The car tires him out, trick or treating revs him up!