Henry’s hair was getting a little out of control, and since my last attempt to get it out of his eyes resulted in a “mom haircut,” we decided to take him to the pros and let them work their magic on his mop. The magic is mostly in the form of dvds the stylists play at kiddie eye-level while letting them play with steering wheels in airplanes. And of course speed. Henry was totally on board at the beginning.

henry airplane

Then he got a little antsy and we had to distract him by letting him comb Dad’s hair while the stylist combed his.

henry comb dad

But by the end, no amount of exciting diversions could hold back the mini-meltdown.

post haircut

Two minutes later he was toddling around the waiting area waving at the dogs and cute little girls walking by, so not to worry.

Later that afternoon, we went to a nearby pumpkin patch, a tradition his Auntie Krista started last year. He slept through most of the experience then:

pumpkin patch baby

but this year he was all. about. the pumpkins. Or “balls” as he was sure they were called. He roamed around patting them and pointing out particularly appealing ones.


Near the check out there was a box full of small decorative gourds. We presented him with one and he went to bite it like he did the apple, which elicited laughs from everyone in line. Sensing a primed audience, he then proceeded to grab at the gourds and smack his lips while eyeing the crowd playfully. What a ham.