We got some snow on the ground and Henry was very excited to check it out.

snow 1

That is, of course, until he realized the pretty stuff was very cold and wet.

snow 2

The cold weather happened so fast, we weren’t properly prepared with all the proper toddler attire. A quick trip to Target fixed that and Grandpa Terry treated the guy to his first pair of winter mittens and a sweet hat that will make all the other baby snow boarders jealous. We also taught him a new trick. Henry, where’s your tongue?


He is full of surprises lately. While it wouldn’t have occurred to me to give my 13-month-old a whole apple, it certainly occurred to Henry to eat one. After a rigorous debate on the proper name of the fruit, (Me: “Apple.” Henry: “Ball!” Me: “Aaaaapuhhl” Henry:…”Ball!”) I let him examine it closer. Whereupon he opened wide and planted his mouth right on it. After a few teeth scraping yielded only peel, I helped him along by removing a portion of the red skin. He went to town on the thing using his own unperfected technique of scraping his bottom teeth along the fruit until a small portion made its way into his mouth. He could not believe I was holding out on him and is now suspicious of the supposed unpalatability of the raw potato we wouldn’t let him eat a few days ago.

In growing news, the buzzy chair that was on loan made its way back to us. Not quite the cozy, enveloping pouch it once was.
buzzy chair compare