Henry has always enjoyed blowing bubbles in his bath water and wasn’t daunted in the least when we decided to give him a bubble bath. Result: bubble beard.


Bath time is one of his favorite times of day. If he’s in the other room and we start up the bath, he’ll drop everything and come tearing into the room. Then we line up all his bath toys on the side of the tub and he systematically tosses each one in the water. Recently, he developed a fun game for himself where he starts on all fours and then kicks his legs out really quick before tucking them back in, sort of like a frog. This never ceases to crack him up.

The little guy is battling an ear infection right now, which is no fun for anyone. We’re all ready to have our healthy boy back, which should hopefully happen sometime around Wednesday of next week, when he can stop taking the amoxicillin.

Henry has developed a very funny social laugh. He whips it out when everyone else is laughing for some reason and he wants to be included. It’s kind of a loud “AH AH AH AH!!” which usually makes us laugh more and eventually he is really laughing. Highly entertaining.

The ball video is so very two weeks ago. The new favorite is this Sony Bravia (brand loyalty) spot featuring paint.

That terrifying clown that pops out at the 34 second mark? Totally Henry’s favorite part. It’s refreshing to see a child find a clown entertaining, actually.