Henry’s getting very good at tooling around with his little walker. He’s kind of messing around in this video, but once he gets going, he’s quite the fancy walking baby.

Henry can perform the following arguably useful things, which he does with aplomb:

* giving a refreshed “Ahhhhh!” after taking a swig of water (he’ll also sometimes make the noise to indicate he’d like a swig of water)

* pretend swishing and spitting of Listerine

* blowing kisses/kissing hand in a “bon appetit!” motion

* patting his belly/nose/ear when asked (his nanny helped with that one)

He’s taught himself a few of his own tricks, like giving the big pilates ball zerberts, bestowing kisses on his stuffed animals, and squeezing a rubber squirting toy under water so it blows bubbles. We read a little board book about babies and one of the lines is “Sometimes babies cry.” Whenever we get to this part of the book, Henry smiles hugely and starts waving. We have no idea why. Is it because “cry” sounds like “hi” and “bye”? Is he waving goodbye to the crying baby? Unclear.

He’s also a very big fan of balls right now and will point one out wherever he sees one. Sometimes it’s actually a ball, though often it is an orange or a picture of a button or really anything spherical. In an attempt to amuse him, I found this old Sony Bravia bouncy ball commercial and boy does he love it.

He bobs his head when the music starts and goes, “Baaah!” while pointing at the screen. The video does get old after the 20th time or so, but still highly preferable to reading a 4-page book about shapes again.