While I’m not sure we have any full words yet, Henry has definitely reached a sign language milestone. Now when we go to heat up his bottle, he’ll squeeze his little hand and go, “Ba ba ba ba!” It’s all very exciting, except that he uses it as much to identify as to express desire. So him doing it might mean, “Gimme a bottle now!” or, just as likely, “Hey look, it’s a bottle!”

He’s practicing using utensils more and more. Here he is attempting to feed himself yogurt with a spoon:

He does pretty well until he realizes how much more fun it is to fingerpaint with yogurt than eat it from a spoon.

Even though he is too big for his Exersaucer now, Henry has brilliantly refashioned it into a fort-type thing. He likes to toss things underneath and then go on expeditions hunting for them.

Exersaucer under

The weather has been cool, like a teaser for autumn. I predict footie pajamas in our near future.