Poor little Henry has an end-of-summer cold right now, with a faucet nose and a bit of a fever. It’s too bad because otherwise he’s doing great. He’s not walking yet, but it’s a glimmer in his eyes. If you catch him unaware, he’ll stand on his own for a few seconds.

Henry has a great love for all fuzzy things. This is especially the case for dogs, but also for large stuffed animals, like bears and Elmo. With the inanimate objects, he demonstrates this love by falling head-first into their bellies and rolling around on the floor while smiling like a goon.


Sometimes he miscalculates the location of the stuffed object and will end up head-first on the floor, but he usually just plays it off.

When he feels like it, Henry can find objects that you ask for, namely balls, his dinosaur, his bear, and shoes. His (our) favorite is when we say, “Where is Trump?” and Henry looks right up to the bookcase where Trump is indeed sitting. We then lift Henry up to see if the Donald has any words of wisdom to impart. Sometimes it’s encouraging (“Never. Give. Up.”), sometimes baffling (“Try to avoid shaking hands when at all possible.”), but sometimes the baby does get fired. It’s a tough world.

In addition to throwing food off his highchair, an endless source of entertainment, Henry is now trying to train us to play fetch from his crib. He takes his beloved panda bear and elephant blankie and pretends to hug and love them until we leave the room. At this point, he hurls them over the side of the crib and then yells to indicate they are no longer in his possession. Unfortunately for Henry, Mom and Dad have a very limited amount of time they’ll entertain this (approximately twice), and then he’s on his own. The upside is, it does make me feel like a mom to go into his room after he’s fallen asleep and tuck the bear and blankie back into bed with him.