Henry had his first birthday party this weekend. His buddy V turned one and the birthday girl had everyone join her at Gymboree for some good times with colorful things to climb on and play with. Henry was a little overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the occasion and kept his apprehensive face on.

Here he is ripping it up at the hokey pokey:


We thought climbing through a long tunnel might not be on his to-do list,

vtunnel start

but he crawled on through like a champ!

Vtunnel end

Note the excitement coursing through his eyes. He’s working on another top tooth, so in addition to apprehensive-face, we also got stuff-jammed-in-the-mouth-face:

V H and V



Henry’s big 0-1 is just around the corner, so we’ll have to start planning our own party soon. He approved of V’s Elmo theme.