Henry briefly visited the mountains when he was very little and his grandparents came from Ohio to meet him. He took a trip to Red Rocks with Grandma Glenda and strolled around Central City with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Becky. He slept through most of those outings, so his first trip to Eldorado Springs this past weekend was particularly fun. It was his first time in a big pool and his reaction was a bit mixed. He loved standing up in the shallow water, but wasn’t too sure about going deeper, even with mom holding on.

He definitely enjoyed having snacks poolside and stacking some cups, though.

Pool cups

At the end of the day, Henry sometimes likes to put little presents in mom’s purse and dad’s backpack. Useful things like wooden spoons and toy balls. Of course, this is less of a gift than a barter, as he then tends to find good exchanges for his baubles. Like gum!


Dad hates all gum with a fiery vengeance, so this was particularly amusing (for mom).

Henry briefly learned how to give kisses on the cheek when asked, but has since declined to repeat the trick. He is, however, quite skilled at the two-handed wave.